Dolium keg Skotidi - Imperial Stout


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Τotally black ... with intense notes of coffee & bitter chocolate

9% Alc | Vol 25 IBU, 22°P

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Stout beer style derives mainly from Ireland. The term Stout was used to describe a strong beer, before  getting connected with strong, dark Porters to finally become a beer style on its own. Σόλο " Skotidi " is totally black, full bodied and high in alcohol volume with an intense, bittersweet character and notes of coffee, burn - roasted malts and bitter chocolate.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted wheat, oat, barley, hops & yeast

9% Alc | Vol 25 IBU, 22°P

Food pairings: Venison, dark chocolate, chocolate desserts


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