Fouriaris - Imperial IPA


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While already proud of our IPA, we desired an even bigger beer !

10% Alc | Vol 100 IBU, 22°P

3,00 €


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In general, the term Imperial in front of any beer type, suggests size and intensity in regards to its ingredients or in other words, an enriched version of the basic style. While being already proud of our IPA, we desired a beer, even bigger, even stronger, even more explosive in aromas ! That is our IIPA all about … massive & forceful with intense hop aromas that are about to fascinate you ! Fouriaris in Crete, refers to a free, untamable & uncontrollable, wild animal ...

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops & yeast

10% Alc | Vol 100 IBU, 22°P

Food pairings: Strong cheeses, funky foods, salty or saucy grilled meats


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