Psaki - India Pale Ale


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The most popular Ale beer style with intense aromas & addictive bitterness

7,5% Alc | Vol 50 IBU, 17°P

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India Pale Ale style of beer came into existence as the answer to the problem of providing beer

for the British Empire in India. The problem was that beer could not survive the grueling six-

month journey from Britain. A London brewer called Hodgson answered the call by sending out a

strong, heavily hopped beer that would normally be aged like wine before drinking. The beer not

only survived the journey, but was found to have been improved immeasurably. This was the

prototype IPA which gradually became paler and more refreshing to suit the Indian climate. Σόλο

" Psaki " ( where ψακί means bitter in the cretan dialect ) is for those who enjoy Big beers with

intense hoppiness and even more intense taste. Ιt’s no wonder, that among all beer

styles, IPA is one of the most popular beers on earth.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops & yeast

7,5% Alc | Vol 50 IBU, 17°P

Food pairings: Anything greasy & fatty such as lamb, beefs, burgers etc to spicy & vinegary foods


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